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a message from our 
Fearless Founder
Janna Fackrell

 I founded illuminessence in January of 2017 after reading in a scientific study that Europe had banned 1,328 chemicals from cosmetics, while the United States only banned 30. Yup, 30.


So, illuminessnece was born! Skin is our biggest organ and what we rub into it matters, because whatever chemicals we use seep into our bloodstream. Call me crazy, but I'd like to know exactly what I am filling my veins with! 


My husband, Jim, is a dermatologist and has helped me create all the specialty formulas to assist with various skin ailments, help with aging, sun spots, acne, etc. Therefore, all of our products are dermatologist tested and approved. We only use all-natural, organic products and the only preservative we will ever use is Eco-Certified in compliance with Organic Labeling. 


Why put chemicals on your skin when you don’t have to? Let nature nourish your skin instead! 

Why support our small business? All of our profits go into our 501c3 non profit, Sacred Hearts Healing Center.

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Our mission is to provide clean, organic skincare that actually works at an affordable price.

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